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SaveYu is a First Aid training provider delivering courses to children and adults at its excellence. Its well-known reputation makes this young company the best solution for schools, businesses such as construction companies, sports clubs and airlines to obtain the appropriate qualification in First Aid.

First Aid workshop for everyone

First Aid Fun workshop for a Birthday party

Defibrillation & First Aid for Children


First Aid Activity workshop


First Aid workshop for Adults (Babysitters, Carers, Parents and Grandparents)

SaveYu provides a wide range of First Aid courses, both regulated and non-regulated, to cover the needs of each candidate. Whether you are a babysitter or a new parent who require First aid skills, SaveYu can provide you with the Quality criteria set by our Awarding Body (FAA) and under OFQUAL regulations.
This workshop is an introduction to Paediatric Emergency First aid addressed to Mums and Dads with new-born babies, toddlers and children. The purpose of this workshop is to to provide vital skills to deal with life-threatening situations. A range of topics such as chocking, CPR, bleeding and treatment of injuries are some of the subjects will be covered in this session.

Type of course: Non-regulated course

Duration: 2 hours

Number of candidates: Min. 12 - max. 30 persons.

First Aid Workshop for Birthday Parties

SaveYu organises Birthday parties for Adults / Children. Attendants will have loads of fun whilst learning First Aid skills... Surprise your family member or loved one by giving an original present: First Aid Party!

Type of course: Non-regulated course

Duration: 2 hours

Number of candidates: Min. 12 - max. 30 persons.

Birthday person will get a SaveYu T-shirt for free!

First Aid and Defibrillation Workshop for Children (Mini-SaveYu)

The SaveYu course for children is a basic introduction to First Aid and Defibrillation which is proving to be very popular with all age groups and abilities.Whether the Mini-SaveYu courses are delivered in Primary schools, after school clubs or within the local community, children love to learn a new subject and they soon appreciate how important First Aid is!

Type of course: Non-regulated course

Duration: One-off 2-hour session 

Number of candidates: Min. 20 - max. 30 persons.

First Aid Activity Workshops

SaveYu organises activities for Adults / Children focusing on providing First aid skills to everyone in a fun and relax environment. Enjoy while learning how to save a life!

Type of course: Non-regulated course

Duration: One-off 2-hour session

Number of candidates: Min. 12 - max. 30 persons.


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