If you have any questions or would like to talk about any taylormade or customised course, birthday party, Sport activity, etc., please contact us and we will pleased to discuss the matter with you. 


01.  Do you ship internationally?

We are currently selling our products within the United Kingdom. However, since postage is charged separately, we can surely sell internationally.

02.  Who should I contact if I have any queries?

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our Team at shop@saveyu.com

03.  How can I cancel or change my order?

Since we deal with our orders daily (except Sundays), you can cancel your order within one hour after you placed the order. Later on, cancellations will not be accepted.

If your order was placed on a Sunday, you can cancel it anytime and until 12.00 midnight.

Example: A customer places an order at 13:14 Hours. The customer will be able to cancel the order until 14:14 hours. 

You can cancel the order by contacting us at shop@saveyu.com. We will then contact you in order to reimborse you with the payment, if applicable.

04.  How can I return a product?

Before returning your product, please contact our Team at shop@saveyu.com. We will guide you about how to retun the product.

05.  How long will it take to get my package?

At the moment, all our products are sent via Royal Mail UK, therefore, it will vary depending on the delivery type you choose while checking out on our online shop (2nd Class or1st Class).


You can reach us via email, post or phone. We will contact you withing the next 24-48 hours. Please be aware of the Time Zone difference, if applicable. Thank you!

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